What if You Could Make Considerable Progress in a Reality Based Setitng?

The Renew Center of Florida offers customized Intensive individual therapy and coaching for enhancing personal and professional performance. It is a one-of-a kind, all-inclusive experience offered to those seeking a confidential and effective non-traditional approach to healing and achieving greater success.

Due to the holistic, comprehensive, and customized nature of our services, some individuals consider treatment at Renew to be an alternative option to inpatient or residential treatment. The intensive customized individual programs include a strong therapeutic and nutritional therapy component, as well as a team of practitioners led by Dr. Palmer, who are dedicated to assisting you through every stage of the recovery and renewal process.

What Are The Benefits?

One of the benefits of our programs is that patients typically require significantly reduced hours of overall therapy than expected to make considerable progress. We offer Hypnotherapy and Coaching, Individually Customized Therapies, Nutritional Counseling, Couples and Family Intensives, Weekly Group Counseling Programs, Healing, Balance, and Journey Retreats, Coaching for Parents and Partners, Concierge and Customized Treatments and coaching upon request which is especially attractive for our traveling clients, executives, athletes, and performers. Whether you are situated in Florida, Los Angeles, New York, or Europe, concierge and coaching services allow our VIP clients to have direct access to Dr. Palmer from wherever they are.

Getting Well… Staying Well…

Healing is all about rejuvenation. Learning the process of rejuvenation is easy because we each carry the ability to do so within at every level. Tailored treatments at Renew are all inclusive at every level and aimed to help clients overcome life obstructions to regain well-being and maintain balance. We offer short-term and long-term treatment and coaching to help clients through each level of their own recovery, renewal, and rejuvenation process.

Recovery: The process of becoming stable when your mind and body are no longer adversely affected by negativity.

Renewal: When your body and mind start to repair and you are no longer affected by negative behaviors or thoughts.

Rejuvenation: When you discover the underlying cause of your condition through mental or spiritual process so that both your life and your state of mind are totally transformed in alignment with your needs, dreams, and aspirations.


 Mental discipline is the first step toward lasting happiness and peace of mind. This contentment is not just something that happens to us, it is something we can create from deep within ourselves. ~ Dr. Lisa C. Palmer