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MyEDHelp provides free information and education for the treatment and prevention of eating disorders, community based discussions, free support group listings, newsletters, and interviews with experts in the field. MyEDHelp also offers the first online social networking community for women in recovery from an eating disorder where women can sign up and develop “pen pal” relationships with other women who have strong recovery. The network is dedicated to helping individuals cultivate hope, healing, strength, and empowerment in recovery, while promoting principles of vitality, perpetual bonds of friendship, and sisterly support amongst its members.

Facts About Eating Disorders • Athletes and Eating Disorders • All Ethnic and Cultural Groups At Risk
Depression and Eating Disorders • Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency • Eating Disorders and the Workplace Find Help Through Psychotherapy • Family Resources Information for Men and Fathers • Listening to Your Body’s Wisdom • Eating Disorders: Much More Than Food • National Resources and Associations • OA Support Groups Worldwide • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Recognize Emergency Situations • Ways to Love Your Body • 12 Mantras for Eating Disorder Recovery • Helping Someone with an Eating Disorder

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Canadian Eating Disorders Awareness Event
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Family-Marriage-Counseling Directory
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Mindfulness Community for Eating Disorder Recovery
MakePeace Divorce Mediation
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Recovery Nation Live (radio show–listen live)
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A Wife’s Guide to In-laws
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Videos And News Stories About Eating Disorders (Eating Disorders in Midlife) (Courage and Eating Disorder Consequences) (The Most Common Eating Disorder) (Males and Eating Disorders)

Michael Jackson’s Extreme Weight Loss and His Final Days (People Magazine),,20287839,00.html


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