“Living the life you want is possible!”
-Lisa C. Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT

Dr. Lisa C. Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, Program and Clinical Director

Psychotherapist Dr. Lisa C. Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT is sought after for her “miracles in counseling” helping many high profile and celebrity patients break away from addiction and eating disorders and achieve balance in life. She practices newer and different, yet highly effective state-of-art approaches for the treatment of complicated issues such eating disorders, traumas, addictions, sexual conflicts, and relationship concerns. Her combinations of “smart therapies” help to balance the whole person mind and body. Patients often achieve results more rapidly than typically expected, and they evolve and transform organically while they live in their “reality based settings”.

Dr. Palmer speaks on a variety of topics including but not limited to educating people about the causes and treatment of a variety of mental health and relationship issues; the impact of culture and media on relationships and addictive and self-defeating thoughts; marriage and divorce concerns; what trauma and abuse is and how to effectively reverse its impacts to reclaim ourselves; to understand the essence of addiction and new methods on how to break the cycles; discuss impacts and problems with taking psychotropic medications; understanding what’s behind our toxic behaviors of people pleasing and codependency and how to stop it; various ways to create happiness by altering our thoughts and conditioning our minds.

Not your typical run-of-the mill psychotherapist, Dr. Palmer’s vast experience expands beyond the therapy room into her personal life from the more uncommon experiences being a former contestant at Miss USA to working at the White House to serving a past life as a television news reporter.

Dr. Palmer fully believes that people can and do have the strengths and resources to live their best life, and she is a tool to help them succeed and access their full capabilities. Dr. Palmer appears as a guest on a variety of media formats including radio and television shows. Her youthful, trendy, free-spirited, and fun talking style makes her attractive to numerous radio and talk show formats where laughter and solutions are medicine.

Dr. Palmer is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy; An Approved Supervisor for the State of Florida; Past President of the Palm Beach Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; an Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University; and on the Advisory Board for Southern University. Dr. Palmer is dually licensed in both Florida and New York.

In the Realm of Eating Disorders and Trauma…

Dr. Palmer is known for establishing the first ethnicity, culture and identity group in the U.S. at the renowned inpatient treatment facility, which earned her national recognition. She founded a successful eating disorders program called WISE at Hollywood Pavilion Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, and served as the Clinical Director. The program is currently one of the few in the US accepting Medicare for the treatment of eating disorders. During her term as Founder and Clinical Director participants in the program achieved extraordinary success and healing, many of whom experienced long-term benefits of recovery for the first time in years. The WISE Program (Women’s Institute for Self-Empowerment and Sensible Eating) now extends to The Renew Center of Florida in Boca Raton under Dr. Palmer’s leadership. The Boca Raton program is a modification of the original design, customized for many of the high-profile clients The Renew Center serves.

In the News…

Dr. Palmer’s work in the eating disorder field and beyond has been attractive to numerous magazine, television, and radio publications. She has also published articles, one of which appeared in the professional Journal of Feminist Family Therapy and Family Therapy Magazine. Additionally, Dr. Palmer founded the popular www.MyEDHelp.com in 2006. She also serves as an adjunct professor for Master’s and Doctoral students at Nova Southeastern University, and is an appointed keynote speaker for the university’s signature alumni events. She is also a member of the Advisory Board for Psychology Department at South University. Additionally, Dr. Palmer hosted several seasons of a weekly Radio Talk Show on 1470AM, which also appeared on BlogTalkRadio.com and featured a variety of renowned experts and authors on creating life balance.

Academic and Life Background…

Dr. Palmer attended University of Vermont and studied philosophy and pre-medicine. She then graduated from New York University with a dual degree in journalism and sociology. She later earned a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy followed by a Doctorate at Nova Southeastern University. After achieving national recognition as the youngest state delegate at Miss USA in her early years, she then pursued the field of broadcast journalism. She entered an interesting career as a general assignment TV news reporter working at a variety of media outlets throughout the country; worked at The White House, where she served as an intern for the press secretary’s office covering vice-presidential and presidential radio news events; had a stint at CNN in Atlanta, where she served as an editorial assistant turned weekend writer; and as a television news reporter at local CBS and NBC affiliates in Northeast Georgia/South Carolina, and West Palm Beach. She later changed her career path to develop an expertise in psychotherapy. Dr. Palmer has an abundance of academic, clinical, personal knowledge and wisdom that is appealing and of benefit to clients from many walks of life.

Dedication to Making a Difference…

While Dr. Palmer now spends much of her time behind the scenes developing programs, doing research, writing articles, and helping clients to reinvent themselves and overcome obstacles, her passion has not faltered. She is dedicated to coaching and healing individuals and families on ways to manifest their dreams and aspirations in their everyday lives. She brings a breadth of knowledge, experience, compassion, and dedication to every endeavor she commits herself to and believes that balance and recovery is possible.

Dr. Palmer on the Radio:

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 We all must overcome obstacles in life, and while we may doubt ourselves, we have all the strengths and resources we need to be in balance. ~ Dr. Lisa C. Palmer